We convert a seventies sportscar into an electric vehicle and bring back the great design of yesteryears futurism in a DIY manner. This 1977 electric Lotus will be part of an exhibition in the public art facility MU, Eindhoven, in August 2013 and will be shown later in a gallery in Berlin.The documentation of the project will be public domain.

Further information about the exhibition: THE GARAGE (16th of August – 16th of October 2013)

The exhibition is based on the ‘artist’s’ perception of the ever moving social and physical network around us, which starts with the profound idea of transportation of information and someone self. This travel of information defines our reality, but we usually don’t ask how it is laid out, why are things running the way they are? Sure it works, but every presence has a million turning points and sometimes leading to dead-ends and sometimes to major break throughs. That’s where we want to go, change perception and direction, give a thought and deliver it’s sculptural manifestation, whether it’s useful or obsolete. We derive from the past, but tell our own Future. Science is fantasy and art is fiction. Information is for everybody. And Technology has potential beyond controlling our everyday lives.

The Exhibition will present artist positions to Vehicles and Transportation, Information and Traffic, Bricolage and selfinduced Technology. These expositions will be manifested in artists artefacts, such as barrier sculptures (firewalls), models of street-tracks, self-made satellites, an electrocar sculpture or wire cut-outs of google infrastructure maps.

These positions will document artistic activism against the odds and as a forerunner of industrial adaptation. We want to trigger the mainstream with grassroots craftmanship and showing an alternative and sustainable approach of using resources against consumerism and its fatal trap. For example, why is the electrocar not a standard right now, its obvious that our fossil resources have burnt out in near future.

In this new geological age, the Anthropocene, human activities and the dynamic interaction between Man, Vehicle (in this case the synonym for ‘tool’) and his environment are to be the source of new conflicts. It seems it lays right in front of us to shape the future. We simply cant trust big corporations to shape a better future. There is simply no love in their main objective: accumulating money and keep the power to manipulate the masses for their advantage.

This show wants to bring back ‘futurism’ and its ideas to shape and their believe in the power of thought and structure. we all have memories of clean car concepts and futuristic designs. Against the “regression to the utopian,” but to raise our imaginations to the challenge of the Anthropocene, we must be able to envision alternative configurations of agents, practices and social relations, and this requires, in turn, that we suspend the politico-economic assumptions that chain us to the present.


- Arcangelo Sassolino – kinetic sculpture
- Death Spray Sustoms – painting- classic sculpture
- Thomas Marecki – painting-sculpture-kinetic sculpture
- Patrick Pulsinger – sound installation
- Tom Sachs – classic sculpture
- Hansjörg Schneider – paintings


- Magazine workshop ‘VEHICULE’ (this will be our annual artissue and will feature the participating artist ofcourse)
- Manual zines
- Annual art issue supply content created at MU

LECTURES (t.b.c)

- Electro car building from scratch (University of Karlsruhe)
- Magazine launch ‘VEHICULE’ (annual artissue vol.5) on the 3rd of October


The Transformation of a 70′s racecar. Back to the future! so to speak.
MU will have a garage workshop display at present stage with artefacts of the traphic cyclus
- light grid
- barriers
- engine display
- Pieta: Mary, Protector of Faith (Russo)
- sound set up display in collaboration with patrik pulsinger
- mess of tools – ‘ a golden tool’ – ref to kubrick
- traphic paintings
- video installation: driveby (international higwayruns)